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Table of contents

10 More Fluff
Karilee Fuglem’s photographs reveal complex worlds within dust bunnies.
50 Sad Chairs
Gay Hawkins wonders what happens when wasted things hang around, refusing to go away.
Photos by Bill Keaggy.
62 Trashed Space
Nina-Marie Lister photographs urban waste spaces and makes the case for their reinvention.
76 In | Out
Braden King, Gariné Torossian, and Tigran Xmalian sort junk in post-Soviet Armenia.
90 The Harbingers
In Nyla Matuk’s fiction the year is 2029 and something is awry in China’s zero-waste cities. Drawings by Derek Sullivan.
102 Recycling
Edward Burtynsky photographs recycling facilities in China and Ontario.
112 Message in a Bottle
Mass-scale trash is the outcome of our economic system, argues Heather Rogers.
132 Airspace
A photographic report by Pierre Bélanger describes the ecologies and economies of landfilling in Michigan.
156 Media in the Dump
Jennifer Gabrys reports on the residues from our digital devices.
166 Dr. Strangelove Dr. Strangelove
Kristan Horton recreates—in tiny trash assemblages—frames from the Kubrick classic.
214 Prototypes
Brian Jungen dissects and reassembles consumer products in order to simulate more ancient forms.
Nick Cave’s wearable artworks are built from found materials and make sounds when animated by the wearer.
246 the missing daughters of Juarez
Rachael Cassells travels to Juarez to photograph the mothers of murdered Mexican girls. Interviews and translations by Esteban Sheridan.
272 Plastikos
Susana Reisman photographs the vacuum-formed
packaging used to display consumer goods.
280 Slough
A poem by Mani Rao explores this corporeal premise: “The new skins you grow are slough.”