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Table of contents

19The Laws of the Air John Knechtel An introduction to the Air anthology.
22Fowl Air Mei Chin
TA tale of birds and betrayal quietly stews in a suburban garage.
36Hurricane Bill Anita Lahey
When Hurricane Bill did not live up to his “billing,” 58 Nova Scotians were relieved, but a sense of having been cheated lingered on the post-hurricane breeze.
38Catching Air Lisa Rochon
The author inhales the invisible and visible currents running through the air: from Marilyn Monroe on a subway grate to the inconsequence of Twitter.
42Puffs of Air: Communicating by Vacuum Shannon Mattern
Pneumatic tubes afforded a means of communication that retained the breath, or spirit, of the sender.
58Hvacuus David K. Ross
Floating in a vaporous mass, microscopic particles of art works are breathed out of the Art Gallery of Ontario and the Musée d'art contemporain on a daily basis.
80Dangers in the Air: Aerosol Architecture and its Invisible Landscapes Javier Arbona
Architectural proposals for the age of particulate matter.
98Urban Cloud Kevin Erickson
A new sidewalk shed liberates one of the most important and dynamic forms of public space.
108Environmental Disease Kevin Finlayson
A young family struggles with a mysterious illness.
116Drawings of Dust: Interview with Cynthia Lin Cynthia Lin
Silverpoint drawings re-see the barely visible by scrutinizing the deliberately ignored and by intertwining fact and fiction.
124Piero’s Daydream Robert Kirkbride
In this short fiction, Italian artist (and mathematician) of the Early Renaissance Piero della Francesca is lost in reverie, and dreams he is the accountant of dust.
128Home-Killing Airs and Countervailing Winds James Hatley
In an era of extinction how might we reimagine the earthliness of the air, the airiness of the earth?
144Parts Per Million Megan Griffith-Greene
Breathe in. Breathe out. Repeat (if possible). The world according to my tender, terrified lungs.
150Whisper Music Steven Connor
All voice is animated air. But only one, easily overlooked, element of the voice—the letter h—whispers of the pure force of the air of which it is made.
176Living City: a Public Air Quality Interface and a Platform for Buildings to Talk to One Another The Living (David Benjamin and Soo-in Yang)
This project explores public space and the environment by developing functioning prototypes for the interactive building envelopes of the future.
186Milan Amanda Jernigan
Prospero, retired to the wings of his dukedom, contemplates air, and airs.
188Al Fresco: when Air Became Fresh Rebecca Williamson
This history of notions of atmospheric qualities illustrates how we shape and are shaped by our environment.
196Greenhouse Effects Diana Fitzgerald Bryden
Henry Newell goes home to Trinidad.
210(ComfortBubble) Michele Boni
Bubble air architecture uses air curtains to create a comfortable atmospheric island on a human scale.
222Earth’s Thin Blue Line Bhawani Venkataraman
Earth’s atmosphere made life possible. Humans are changing this atmosphere at a rate faster than nature can adapt to. What does this mean for life on earth?
238Museo Aero Solar
museo aero solar is a solar energy flying museum. It has traveled to the United Arab Emirates, Italy, Colombia, the USA and beyond.
256The Bucket Rider Ian Spence
A freezing man searches for fuel, his coal bucket so light he can ride it.