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Water Eamon Mac Mahon Photographs present water in a range of geographies and states.
32Water Scores Carolyn Turner
Photographic works and allegorical myth explore the dynamic nature of water and its relation to discovery, consciousness, and renewal.
40Watching Water: Views of Niagara Falls Meredith Carruthers and Susannah Wesley
In an homage to 19th-century artist Godfrey Frankenstein’s epic Niagara Falls panorama, digital images of the falls are collaged from online photo-sharing sites.
52Women, Water Jowita Bydlowska
A memoir portrays women in their baths and the traumas that follow them there.
72Fossils Stefan Petranek
Photographs of footprints in the snow prompt us to consider the impact of our actions on the natural world.
82Bodies of Water Astrida Neimanis
As human bodies, we are essentially bodies of water. What relations and responsibilities to other watery bodies flow from this liquid life?
92Ravine City Chris Hardwicke
An ecosystem of collective housing would unbury Toronto’s streams, restore its rivers, and harness the natural water cycle of the city’s ravines.
102In the tunnels of the Ontario Power Company Michael Cook
Exploring the hydroelectric architecture beneath Niagara Falls.
114On Water and Development Robert Kirkbride
A cautionary, microcosmic tale for a watershed near you.
124Washed Water Angela Grauerholz
Water has become an elaborate commodity propped up by intricate bottle designs and absurd sales strategies.
148Manitoba’s “Flood of the Century”, During and After Isaac Applebaum
Diptychs show sites on the Red River both during and 1997 flood and after, when the waters retreated to reveal the land beneath.
188Water/Front: Creative Tension at the Water’s Edge Nina-Marie Lister
Emerging approaches to the redesign of Urban waterfronts in Stockholm, Hamburg, melbourne, Mumbai, New York, and Toronto.
206Waste Water Laurin Jeffrey
Stagnant pools and dustings of snow occupy derelict buildings.
220Acque Alte: Transforming the Venetian Lagoon Colin Riply, Geoffry Thün and Kathy Velikov
This visionary proposal designs a thriving future for the Venice lagoon even as rising sea levels threaten.
240Contamination Arnaud Maggs
Mold formations stain the pages of a water-damaged ledger from the 1905 Yukon Gold Rush.
274Water, Inc. Mei Chin
“We at Water Inc. believe that literature could have been a better place if its characters had eschewed their usual beverages (mead, tea, absinthe) for WATER.”
280Water Farming in the American Southwest Lola Sheppard and Mason White
Increasingly elaborate infrastructures are transporting water from water-rich regions to water-poor ones, blending natural and artificial landscapes.
302The True Price of Water Bhawani Venkataraman
A scientific analysis of what it takes to deliver drinking water from source to tap reveals the challenges resulting from easy, cheap access to clean water.