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FUEL examines future of energy by asking about the politics, science, and history that have shaped the impending crisis of supply while describing possible futures. How will world work after coal and oil? Will the changes be slow or sudden? How might we steer toward a future without massive disruption to our economic life? FUEL addresses these and other questions about the necessary radical reinvention of energy.

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Introduction to ‘Fuel’

By John Knechtel

The carbon-burning system that fuels our lives is all-encompassing and unsustainable. We will have to spend forty-five trillion dollars over forty years, by the International Energy Agency’s estimate, to convert half of the world’s annual energy requirements to renewable sources (we can eliminate the other half through conservation). To achieve these goals by 2050 we will have to spend as if we are engaged in a world war. Dozens of nuclear plants, ten thousand wind turbines, solar panels in the hundreds of millions, hundreds of geothermal and biomass plants, and more, must be built every year, along with increasingly energy- efficient cars, buildings, and factories.

Select features from ‘Fuel’

Oil Futures

By Imre Szeman

With the spike in the price of the primary fuel for so many of the...


Resource Fields

By Mason White

Because the world is now consuming resources at more than twice the rate of their...


Occupying the Caspian Sea

By Maya Przybylski

What all five countries are hoping for is secure access to a largely untapped reservoir...

The Post-Carbon Highway

By Geoffrey Thün Kathy Velikov RVTR

The 1930s saw the beginning of the construction of this astonishingly efficient strategically engineered system,...


Velo City

By Chris Hardwicke

It’s Monday morning. You grab your gear and strap your bag onto your bike. It...


Blankety Blank

By Candice Tarnowski, Text: Susannah Wesley

Packed with energy, Candice Tarnowski’s installation Blankety Blank presents a landscape on hold. Sliced and...



By Sara Graham, Lateral Architecture

Canard Development Group is a revolutionary planning and urban design group that creatively links social...



By Robert Kirkbride

Wouldn’t it be nice if problems were as efficient and simple as the models and...